Saturday, August 13, 2022

Friday Solds With a Blow Out Sale | How To eBay!

What sold Friday from our 50% off blow out sale!

Wanting to clean out some stale and lower end inventory so I ran a 50% off sale this week. Moved a few things but was kinda surprised at all the offers that came in 
I declined a couple of offers thinking come on now...It's already half off!  But... after some thought I started accepting the offers. At least it gave me an idea of what some of this inventory would actually sell for. 

TIP: Lower end clothing needs to be like .25 Cents an item to make volume selling worth your while. 

On with the video!

Recap: Selling lower end items in the mix of your higher end items can help get eyes on your store but they are still lower end items. Is it worth our time to deal with them especially if you only have an hour or two each day for reselling? 

GSP  - Global Shipping Program. If you are not using it yet get familiar with it and use it. I do not sell a lot through the GSP but a sale on occasion is a sa

Keep Hustling! 

Jeff Beeman
eBay Seller

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