Tuesday, March 14, 2023

How To Generate 150 leads Per Day At No Cost To You!

A complete offer / training with capture page, bridge page and sales page. 

Not just a system but a complete lead generating funnel. Many time you see an offer like this and then have to figure out how to drive traffic. Nope - This system has all the traffic training you can handle. 

Let's Recap - 

150 Leads is your front door with 5  Figure Day being the back end bigger offer.  From there as you generate more traffic and leads you can also be promoting your primary business or opportunity. 

This is how content marketing works.

Are you in an MLM or direct sales business? Then you need traffic and leads to promote that company to... Correct? 

So you generate the leads using a system like this. You capture leads for email marketing and that is where you really go after your program or opportunity.

We also do emails the same way. Give value in the email and on the back side  (The PS) you offer your primary company. 

This is how true online marketing really works. You have to get good at giving value and not promoting up front. Values first - then promote. 

Build your audience - Engage - then Sell. 

Make since ? 


Keep Hustling! 

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Simple Side Hustle Solutions

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