Friday, March 17, 2023

How To Send Quality Engaging Emails With Safe Lists And Mailers

Lots of people use them - But very few see great results. Play this video for three tips that will help you get more engagement and conversions from email safelists and mailers! 

Let's Recap ... 

You have to go into these traffic programs understanding people are just clicking to get their credits and then praying somebody will see their add or email and opt in? Most are desperate for a lead or for help and YOU need to stand out as somebody who can! 

What we want to do here is be different than all the rest of the clickers and  make them take notice that you are doing something different! 

#1) If the system you are using has editing on it then make your fonts BIGGER! At least a size 18 so people acan read it with out squinting at the screen. 

#2) Shorten The length of the email. Nobody on these systems is going to read your 5 paragraph email - NO BODY!  They are just going to click away to the next email or ad. 

General Rule - Use a HOOK and then Set The HOOK - No more than 2 lines needed for this. It's a statement to grab their attention and then tell them what you are going to give them QUICKLY so they slow down and really look at your ad! 

#3) Use highlights, underlines and bold letters to grab their attention. You are doing something different than the thousands of other advertisers. 

Let me know in the comments if this is helpful! 

Happy Selling! 

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Simple Home Business Solutions

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