Saturday, March 4, 2023

Three Simple Tips To Keep Viewers Engaged On Your YouTube Channel!

 Social Media Sites want you to stay on their platform. They do not like it when you try to send people to another web site (IE: Landing pages and so forth) or to another platform. IE: YouTube video sending them to a Facebook group or Blog post off site for an example. Play Video Here!

YouTube is a lot more lenient than other platforms, but they still take notice of this topic ...

Point is: If you can keep them engaged and on your YouTube channel longer... all the better!
Tip#1 - Use the end screen feature at the end of your video. Box pops up to show the viewer another relevant video from your channel.
Tip #2 - Mention another video of similar topic and direct them to a link in the description area. YouTube likes to have their lnks shared! Tip#3 - CTA (Call To Action) - Invite them to subscribe to your channel. BONUS Tip #4 - Get to the point quickly in your video or they may click away to look elsewhere for the content. Keep Hustling! Jeff Beeman Owner @ Simple Home Business Solutions

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