Friday, January 20, 2023

Five Secret Places To Put Your Website Link on Facebook and Drive More T...

Five Secret Places To Put our Links On Facebook! 

Hello friends. as weknow the more eyeballs on our websites and fuinnels or products is going to equal more sales. So let's ask this...Do your friends on Facebook jbnow what you do as a side hstle or a full time business? 

Do you know how many people check you out on Facebook each month? Oh ya...They do. You put some content out there they link or maybe even don't like and they may check you out. Stalker style! 

Know what o mean? So knowing people may come check you out this get your store or web site link in front of these folks!  Watch this short video below! 

So here you go - 5 Seceret places to keep a link on your Facebook Profile

#1) Edit your banner with text as shown in this video. That banner is prime realestate - use it! 
#2) Your profile picture - same concept as the banner
#3) Your intro area just under your profile picture
#4) Your bio information area
#5) Create a welcome post or "about me" post and pin it to the top of your feed - normally first thing people see when they visit.

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Jeff Beeman Online


Thursday, January 12, 2023

Video Games, Hats and Shirts What Sold on eBay Overnight!

Alwas a good feeling to get up and see work you put in the day or night before become fruitfull.

In today's video I go over a few items that sold overnight and we talk about what's available or will be available in future videos.  

Appreciate you stopping by. Happy selling!

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Jeff Beeman Online

Monday, January 9, 2023

Using The Canva App To Create eBay YouTube Video Thumbnails

They say having a thumbnail for your videos helps the YouTube Algorithm rank your page and makes it easier for people wanting to watch that content find yours. 

If you happen to be a seller on eBay or other similar platforms, you know that the first picture to be seen is HUGE. Same thing for your videos. The Thumbnail is that picture and more.
Use these tips to start creating professional grade thumbnails! 

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Jeff Beeman Online

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

4 Quick Tips To List 20 Items A Day On eBay!

Need to list more items - Here is how I get it done in as little as 3-4 hours! 

Happy Selling! 

Jeff Beeman

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