Wednesday, November 9, 2022

How to Get More Traffic To your eBay Listings - 3 Stratagies!

eBay traffic is great! Don't miss understand. What we are working towards here is branding your business in case something happens to eBay so you have a backup plan. 


1) Consistency on eBay will get you more views-period. Show up daily for your business and the sales will follow. A) List daily - Set a couple listings on drafts so you can drop them in quickly on a weekend or days you can't work.

2)  Get an Email list started! How we do that is by using an email auto responder that you can have a capture page on. I and a lot of my fellow marketing business owners use Leads Leap. This platform is an all in one system for you and the best part is it can be FREE for Life! If you only need one list set up for your customers than you are good to go.  You can not promote this list inside of eBay (Don't use there list. If you quit selling on eBay you can't take your list with you.) You will need to add information for it on your thank you cards or busness card placed with your orders. 
3) Start learning how to Brand yourself - Figure out what the main items are going to be on your store and work from there for a name to that store. Once you establish that you can start promoting with simple things like Logo's (Need a LOGO? Get with my buddy Chris @ Success With  - email signature links - Facebook Page - News letters (this is  why you need the email system) and it can lead to many more simple solutions for advertising. 

Thanks for watching and Happy Selling! 

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ Simple Side Hustle Solutions

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